Good outcome with ears using strips!

Mustang, aka Chief, the only longhaired male in the litter, had some real trouble with his ears as you remember from previous posts. With the assistance of the breathe right strips they are now standing nicely. You can see in this photo that the hair inside the ear we supported hasn’t grown back yet. BecauseContinue reading “Good outcome with ears using strips!”

Connie’s ears, retaped

Here is a pic of Connie’s ears after her vet retaped them. The vet watched my videos to learn my method of taping. Vets do ear cropping which is totally different than simply taping ears that won’t stand. I think the vet did a good job, but I would have liked for the ears toContinue reading “Connie’s ears, retaped”

GSD puppies still available!

At 8 weeks old, these puppies are the perfect age to begin the bonding experience with a new family. Right now, I have two puppies still available from a litter of eleven including one normal coat male. I call him Quarter (Quarterhorse), and he is wearing the purple collar that you can also see inContinue reading “GSD puppies still available!”