All breeding stock is tested for hip and elbow dysplasia and certified through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Link: ofa.org

All breeding stock is tested for degenerative myelopathy through Gen Sol Diagnostics. Link: gensoldx.com. Puppies can be tested prior to sale.

Breeding stock is tested for brucellosis prior to breeding.

Worming and vaccinating is done routinely without testing unless unusual symptoms occur. Puppies are wormed and vaccinated according to schedule prior to sale. Puppy buyers should follow their vet’s recommendation for follow up worming and vaccines.

Other genetic concerns and tests:

If both parents carry coat factor, puppies might be long coated.* Puppies can be tested for coat factor prior to sale. Usually, a coated puppy stands out in the litter, but sometimes long coat is not obvious, and if it is a concern, testing can be done.

Other genetic tests for color can be done but are not typically necessary because all puppies currently are from traditional Black and Tan stock which will produce Black and Tan only, which in GSDs is a coat pattern as well as coloring. The coloring of the “tan” of a Black and Tan dog can actually be anywhere from a cream to a red color. Richness of the tan color is somewhat affected by diet.

*Jane and Monte litter born 3/2/2020 had one coated puppy. Each puppy had a 25% chance of doubling up on this recessive gene and being coated. Faye is coated.

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