This available puppy belongs to a friend, Patricia Ray. Go to the blog link for details. https://shepherdsight.com/2023/02/09/gsd-puppy-available/

All puppies have been placed in loving homes! Another on premises breeding will likely take place in 2024. This would be See See’s first breeding, which would not happen until she is two years of age and has her hips checked to be sure she is free of hip dysplasia. To see pics of See See, go to the puppy blog. See See was born 2/6/2021. Her dam, Jane, is now spayed. Eventually, See See will get her own page.

Scroll down to see lots of Shepherd Sight puppy pics!

Jane is about 5 years old in this pic. She is mother to pups born 2/6/2021

11 puppies born 2/6/2021! All healthy! 5 males, 6 females! Jane is an amazing mother. Go to Blog for more pics and updates! https://shepherdsight.com/blog/

The puppies are a few hours old in this pic. They appear to be all black, but they are not. More info on colors in blog posts.

Latest update 1/29/2021: The calm before the storm! Jane is eating about twice her normal intake and is still playing fetch. She loves to hang out with her brother Johnny, but in a few days they will be separated as she will start nesting and won’t want him around. Due date is 2/5/2021!

Jane is as big as a house with two more weeks to go! Check out newly posted pics of puppies’ sire and his pedigree on other page.


Jane was bred to Trademark Kennels’ Ch. Trademark’s C’mon Cash Machine the second week of December 2020! Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well!!! I will be posting pic of sire and pedigree info soon. This should mean puppies born in February 2021, and available in April 2021!

Jane’s Puppies from previous litters

Below are pics from Jane’s last 2020 litter, bred to a different sire. They have all been placed in loving homes. There were only 3!

Sired by SEL EX CH Karizma’s Montego Bay Von Loar, born 3/2/20

Jean, Faye, and Patty
Jean at 5 weeks

Patty at 5 weeks
Patty and Faye, all snuggly, at 3 weeks

Faye’s ears coming up nicely

Man, it’s hard to take a selfie with a big ol’ puppy on your lap! This is Jean.

Jane’s first litter was in 2019. She had 11, but only 9 made it. The 9 are all healthy and in loving homes. One, Winston, was kept back for showing and breeding.

Jane had to be fed 5 times a day to make enough milk! She is a great mom. Very instinctive, she knows just what to do.
German Shepherd puppies with traditional Black and Tan markings are born almost solid black, and the tan spreads up and out from the feet and belly. These puppies also have some white markings, which tend to shrink and become barely noticeable.


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