Dressy, aka Greta

I just heard from Dressy’s new owners, who named her Greta. Sandy and Bob take great care of her, and she seems very happy, as evidenced by these great pics. They will be taking her to puppy classes soon, and she already knows basic commands. She is a natural retriever, and also likes to play catch. She likes to look out the window and loves their son as seen in these pics. And her ears are perfect! She has beautiful pigmentation and great bone, especially for a female. Great expression.

Happy Birthday Peggy!

I just found out today is Connie’s mom’s birthday too! Peggy has been a great puppy owner, asking lots of good questions and dealing with some really stubborn ears! Here are some pics of Peggy with Connie and family. Happy birthday to you too!

All of Peggy’s hard work with Connie’s ears really paid off! This is Connie today, at 7 months.

Last day of show report, running errands, and current pics

Our last chance to win, and Winston got another Reserve. Boo.
The judge gave me a compliment on See See as I was leaving the ring though. He said he thought she was going to be nice, and that she is just “loose” now, which is true. As I have mentioned to some of the other owners of this litter, some GDSs are loosely ligamented, which corrects itself as they get older. It looks like they have lots of play in their bones and tendons because they do! Those ligaments will tighten up, with the result being a supple well-structured GSD.

After the show, I had to run some errands, so Winston, Clyde, and See See went too. We had to pick up Mel Gibson’s ashes, go to Tractor Supply for dog food, go to PetSmart to get accurate weights on the puppies for the next flea treatment, get chicken at Aldi’s, and stop at the Farmer’s Market for tomatoes. At every stop, Winston and the puppies got petted and loved on, continuing good socialization with people and new places. Winston weighs 89, Clyde 67, and See See 57.
Whenever I take three German Shepherds anywhere together, I always get remarks about how I have my hands full. The funniest stop was yesterday at the bank. I walked in with three German Shepherds, and the manager said, “…uh, ok…” and I said “Hello!” like I owned the place. I thought walking through the little maze with the posts and ropes was going to be a disaster, but, miraculously, we walked right through without getting tangled or knocking anything over. I acted like I did that all the time, no problem. I waited for a teller while the puppies looked around politely, and then walked up to the counter and made a deposit. As I walked out, someone commented on how well behaved they were. “Oh thank you”, I said, as if I walk two 6 month old puppies with an adult male GSD into banks every day. Well, it was a ridiculously hot day, and I wasn’t going to leave them in the van.

Clyde and See See relaxing once we got home. See See already has dirt on her nose.
It amazes me how much these two remind me of Johnny and Jane at that age
Clyde’s ears are a wonderment


Thank you so much, Tiffany, for sending this great pic of Loosy! She looks so beautiful and well cared for. I love the way each puppy from this litter is unique yet resembles each parent or grandparent. In Loosy, I see her dad’s expression and her Grandma Nellie’s pretty long-haired soft looks. I’m also admiring her perfect ears that didn’t need any help (yay!) from her dad Cash. Her good conformation of her front, nice tight feet, and her pretty dark eyes came from momma Jane.