New homes!

In the past two days, 6 puppies have gone to their new homes. Each family came more than once to see the litter, and together, we decided on the best puppy for the household. On Sunday, Pony, Loosy, and Mustang went to their forever homes.

This family had their eye on Pony from the start. He was immediately drawn to the girl.
This girl has two brothers waiting for her to bring home Loosy! Loosy’s happy go lucky attitude is perfect for their home.
Mustang is truly loved in his new home. His happy attitude will bring much joy.

On Monday, I said goodbye to Dressy, Filly, and Mustang as they went to new homes too.

Dressy went the farthest, all the way to Maryland. Her sweet and gentle personality makes her special.
Filly started out small but she caught up! She went to my friend’s family member. An excellent home.
Maverick’s laid back style is what made a perfect match for this stay-at-home couple.

AND THEN THERE WERE THREE! I will post pics soon of Quarter, Cherry, and Connie. They are still available! I am keeping See See and Clyde.

What a day!

Winston, the puppies’ older brother, got a major reserve at the dog show today. (Basically he came in second in a large group of German Shepherds.) He has another chance to win tomorrow! A couple of handlers from the show came to visit the puppies today, to help me evaluate them for potential showing. Good news: we all agreed. I decided to keep See See and Clyde. As anyone who picks a dog knows, they spoke to my heart. They both remind me of related dogs I have had who passed away long ago, and I can’t let them go!
The puppies were all tuckered out after the evaluation and playing in the yard with me, Jane, and my neighbor!

GSD Puppies!

Still puppies available from this litter! Currently I have 2 normal coat males and 2 long-haired females still not promised. I do have people coming to look this weekend and Monday. Puppies are 8 weeks old on 4/3/2021 and at the perfect age for new homes as the best bonding occurs between 8 and 10 weeks. If you are interested please use the contact form below. Be sure to check out the rest of this website thru the menu to see pics and info about related adults.

Litter Certificate

This is the official AKC litter certification for Jane’s and Cash’s litter born 2/6/2021. It is also posted on the Pedigree page, which you can find by selecting Menu. Other pedigrees on that page show dogs further back in ancestry. Note that the litter certificate does not include titles such as “Champion”, nor does it give OFA or DM info. You can find that information on the Pedigree page.

Busy weekend for socializing puppies

Lots of people came by to see the puppies! Thank you to everyone who offered love and affection to all the puppies! The adult dogs in the pics are (grandma) Nellie and (brother) Winston. German Shepherds puppies in all stages of development need lots of socialization with many people to avoid problems in the future like aggression or shyness. You can be sure that Shepherd Sight puppies have been well socialized, but new owners must be sure to continue the socialization process with people and potential environmental stressors. Puppies are still available from this litter. Contact form at bottom of page.

New milestones

German Shepherd puppies reach certain milestones as they mature, and it is exciting to watch. In some of these photos, you can see the pups “piling up”, but they are starting to have a little independence, seek out people, and play with toys. They certainly continue to enjoy being held and loved during their now mostly outdoor socialization sessions with neighbors, friends, and potential buyers. In these pics, the puppies are between 4 and 5 weeks old.
And that last pic? My neighbor, Kendall, took it! It is a really good pic, and I’m mad that she and her sister shoot better than I do! No, really, not mad! I am truly grateful for all my great neighbors who help me so much. That’s Gail, another neighbor, in the green shirt in the first two pics. She is amazing and helps me with the puppies, and even the adult dogs. Winston adores her.

Names and up to date Pics!

Lots of breeders don’t name their puppies. They just refer to them by color of the collar worn specifically for the purpose of identification. But I gotta be me. I name them for something near and dear to my heart. So I chose a horse theme for this litter! Introducing, in no particular order, except boys first, Pony, Mustang, Quarter (Quarterhorse), Maverick, Clyde (Clydesdale), Loosy (Appaloosa), Filly, Cherry (Percheron), See See (Tennessee Walker), Connie (Connemara), and Dressy (Dressage). I won’t swear to it, but I think Mustang and Loosy are long coats. Maybe Connie and Cherry are too. A bit too early to tell for sure.
Omg I love them all.
These pics were taken 3/9/2021, with fantastic shooting by my fantastic neighbor! Puppies are 4 and a half weeks old.
If you are interested in buying a puppy, please contact me at link below or email me directly at