Videos of actual taping of ears

The first 3 videos show me actually taping See See’s ears. The 4th video is extra tips for success. See See’s right ear is “breaking” over, creating a crease which can be permanent, causing the ear to never stand properly. Truth is, it might stand on its own, but I want to make sure. ItContinue reading “Videos of actual taping of ears”

Those ears again, and How did we do at the show?

Believe it or not, See See’s ears are still standing! I took the tape off Friday morning. They looked great at the show that day, and she won over Clyde, and then got second in the Puppy Herding Group competition! Winston got 2 points toward his championship (15 is needed and he now has 6)Continue reading “Those ears again, and How did we do at the show?”

Re-taping See See’s ears

See See’s left ear tape got messed up, and the ear started to lean way in, probably because I let Winston babysit her. They must have played a little too hard. So, I took the tape off that ear, which happened to be the one that had stopped standing on its own. And guess what?Continue reading “Re-taping See See’s ears”

Taping 4 month old GSD Ears

The Jane and Cash litter of 2/6/2021 turned 4 months old yesterday. Time to start thinking about taping ears. The female I kept, See See, did have both ears up, but one has flopped back down. I am showing her this Friday in a puppy show, so I decided to tape today. Unfortunately, I hadContinue reading “Taping 4 month old GSD Ears”