The Reunion!

See See’s heat cycle is officially over after 28 days. I took her to Tractor Supply for a thorough bath and drying to get all the scent off (only $10, use of towels and dryer, and I don’t have to bend over my tub). I brought her back to be reunited with her brothers, whoContinue reading “The Reunion!”

Mud, mud, mud, and mulch…

It’s that time if year, when the mud us ridiculous, the dogs track it in, and it gets everywhere. My solution is mulch. It’s not perfect, but it is cheap and relatively easy. Here are some before and after pics of the small area I had fenced in for See See. Before…. After… Here’s theContinue reading “Mud, mud, mud, and mulch…”

Can’t we all get along like these two?

Winston is nearly three years old. Clyde turns 1 year old on February 6th. I can’t get over how well these two guys can work things out. Here they are eating and playing together. In the second video you can see that Winston is dominant and occasionally disciplines Clyde. And Clyde responds submissively in anContinue reading “Can’t we all get along like these two?”

German Shepherds in the snow!

See See and Clyde were born in February, but didn’t see the snow because they were infants when it snowed last year. This is a lot of snow for a first romp! The older dogs are used to lots of snow, being born in WV. They also spent time in Ohio, with many sub zeroContinue reading “German Shepherds in the snow!”

See See is in heat, and secondary sex characteristics in GSDs

See See came in heat on my birthday, and will peak on Christmas Day, and be fertile through New Year’s Day. So my house is absolutely nuts. Good thing I didn’t make any big plans. With three intact males, this is a difficult situation! I do not have a kennel setup. I have always saidContinue reading “See See is in heat, and secondary sex characteristics in GSDs”

Spaying, neutering, behavior changes, and heat cycles in German Shepherd Dogs

GSDs usually come into season between 7 and 11 months. See See, the female I kept from Jane’s last litter, just turned 10 months old, and she has not been in heat yet. However, I just heard from her sister’s owner, and was informed that she had started her heat cycle. If any of theContinue reading “Spaying, neutering, behavior changes, and heat cycles in German Shepherd Dogs”