My new dog room floor!

The new floor is finally finished! The room is freshly painted too. It looks so much better. This is my future whelping room. The ceramic tile surface should be impervious to puppy pee and poop. Winston, Clyde, and See See seem to like it already. Now that they are all grown up, I am tryingContinue reading “My new dog room floor!”

Available GSD show quality puppy

Here is an updated pic of the German Shepherd puppy that I posted a few weeks ago. He is still available to the right show prospect home. He is a great looking puppy with great attitude and presence. Please see previous post for pedigree, testing, and contact information. He belongs to my friend Patricia, andContinue reading “Available GSD show quality puppy”

Yet another GSD ear taping

This 4m old male GSD puppy has flying nun ears, and they were developing a crease on the inside. I advised taping them. With his owner’s assistance, I taped them up, and he adjusted beautifully. Patricia will monitor them daily, checking for the slightest sign of inflammation or infection. Thank you to Virginia Kennel ClubContinue reading “Yet another GSD ear taping”

Rescued German Shepherd in NC looking for new home

Tarboro, NC: Handsome fully vetted shepherd needs rescue – $200 sponsorship REPLY directly to Peggy at What a good-looking dude! Young, HW negative, fully vetted… ready to go. PLEASE SAVE him if you can or forward and cross-post widely. Thanks. From: Peggy harrell <>Sent: Friday, February 17, 2023 11:40 AMSubject: Handsome FULLY VETTED shepherdContinue reading “Rescued German Shepherd in NC looking for new home”

Kemy’s ears are UP!!

Kemy’s ears have been taped up for two weeks. We took the tape off yesterday, and lo and behold, they look great! And by great, I actually mean on their way to being great. They will need to be taped again! Kemy’s right ear had a small area of inflammation near the inside edge. BecauseContinue reading “Kemy’s ears are UP!!”