Winston wins Beginner Novice AKC obedience title!

I’m so proud of Winston. He did exceptionally well today and got his third leg which completes the qualifications for the BeginnerNovice title in AKC obedience. He scored 197.5 out of 200. This was the highest score of dogs entered in both Beginner Novice A and B competition. I was very nervous about today becauseContinue reading “Winston wins Beginner Novice AKC obedience title!”

Winston qualifies again!

Winston got a score of 194 today! He qualified for his second leg towards the Beginners Novice title. This was the highest score of all Beginner Novice participants today. He got a few points off for lagging during heeling, and I gave him an extra command on the recall, so points off for that too.Continue reading “Winston qualifies again!”

Goodbye pink chaise lounge, Hello futon

The end of an Era. The pink chaise lounge had seen better days, so off to the dump it goes. The arm was about half falling off, and just, yuck. I did save the cushions, which make a nice dog bed, until they don’t. Johnny claimed the futon first, and then I shooed him offContinue reading “Goodbye pink chaise lounge, Hello futon”

Clyde and See See at dog class

We went to dog class again with the Virginia Kennel Club in Goochland. Liz, one of the members of the club, handled See See for me while I handled Clyde. The dogs do not look their best here, but I was pleased that Clyde was focused on me even with See See right behind. AndContinue reading “Clyde and See See at dog class”

Clyde and See See meet a Gang

A gang of kids that is. We walked down by the church near my house, and there were a bunch of kids playing in the parking lot. They all ran up to Clyde and See See and asked if they could pet them, and if they would bite. I launched into my spiel of howContinue reading “Clyde and See See meet a Gang”