Taping German Shepherd puppy ears

My friend Josh got a new puppy in August. She is almost 6 months old. One of her ears is really floppy. So today we taped them up. Here are the before and after pictures.

That is one sad ear!
Josh and his puppy have a great connection!
Her ears came out real nice. She was very cooperative.
Josh has been handling her a lot and stacking her so she was easy to handle. She’s going to be shown so her ears have to stand up!

When the tape comes off I will take more pictures. Fingers crossed they stand up! Taping is not a guarantee, but it certainly helps. I have had real good luck with this method. I have made other blog posts with detailed information on ear taping. So scroll back well over a year in this blog if you’re interested in details.

Transporting rescue dogs from Georgia to Pennsylvania, via Richmond, VA

Again this weekend, I was a small cog in a big wheel. Drivers and overnight fosters transported and cared for a mixed breed mother dog and her 9 8-week old puppies from an overcrowded shelter in Georgia. Utilizing a long chain of drivers, with an overnight stay in Richmond, all of them ended up at The Rescue Express in Pennsylvania ( https://therescueexpress.org/ ) where they will find homes. All of us pitched in to keep these dogs from being euthanized.

Here are a few pics of the puppies in crates in my van:

Momma Daisy and the puppies got lots of petting and love at each transport point from us volunteers.

Please donate to the Rescue Express through this website link: https://therescueexpress.org/

If you want to volunteer as a driver or foster dogs and/or puppies contact Doris at 678-468-2524.

Good Morning

This morning I must have been more quiet than usual because I caught the pups and Winston just waking up. It must’ve been a three dog night!

Front to back: Winston, Clyde, and See See

I want to emphasize how unusual it is for two adult male GSDs to get along so well. See See will be going into heat within a month, so she will be separated from her brothers.

It’s Official!

Johnny has a new title!

Johnny’s official obedience title from AKC
CH. Johnny G. Morgan Out of Sight

Johnny is a littermate to Jane, dam of Shepherd Sight’s most recent litter. Those “puppies” are almost 2 years old! So, Johnny is their uncle.

To find out more about Johnny, scroll back to previous posts on this blog, or look at his webpage: https://shepherdsight.com/johnny/

Clyde the show dog! First point! And transporting rescue dogs again…

Last weekend, I showed for 4 out of 5 days at Doswell. I got one win, Clyde’s first point! Thank you Judge Albert Bianchi! Clyde is starting to look good. Filling out nicely as he approaches age 2.

Clyde is 21 months old in this pic. I am 718 months old, LOL.

After the shows, I transported 3 rescues with Whole Lotta Love dog transport out of a group of 15 dogs saved from euthanasia at overcrowded southern shelters. It was dark throughout the trip, as arriving in Richmond is the last leg of the journey. The two people in these pics are fostering overnight. They went north the next day, some going as far as Maine.

This dog is seven years old and a willing rider in the car. Someone had taken good car of her at some point.
This mountain cur mix likes to ride with his pink pillow!

Happy Birthday to Johnny and Jane, Johnny gets BN obedience title, and the beach

Yesterday was a long day! We went to Hampton, Virginia and participated in two dog obedience trials in one day. This was towards the last two legs to get the Beginner Novice title for Johnny. It was also his 9th birthday along with his sister Jane.

The morning trial. Exercises are: Heel on lead, Figure 8, Sit for exam, Sit-stay with walk around, and Recall. He scored 193.5 out of a possible 200 forfirst place! Points off for going around behind me on the recall, and some lagging at heel.

Between the two shows, Johnny and I went to Virginia Beach.

Sit-stay comes in handy for a video
Johnny and me at the beach on his 9th birthday
The second trial, same exercises. He scored 195 out of 200 for first place! Points off for slightly crooked sit on recall and a little crowding and lagging at heel.
Getting the ribbons and new title from Judge Betsy Horn Humer who was exceptionally nice!

The Portsmouth Chesapeake Obedience Training Club (PCOTC) gives prizes for first place, so I got $20 and a nice new 6 ft leather lead in addition to the ribbons. Thank you, PCOTC!

Johnny’s ribbons from 10/30/2022. Thank you to Judge Betsy Horn Humer for excellent directions, tips, and kindness in the ring!

I was gone for 11 hours. I am happy to report that the five dogs i left at home were able to hold it! I was very surprised that even See See (females take longer to develop those “holding it” muscles) did not make a mess! Needless to say, I don’t make a habit of leaving them that long without being able to go outside. I only fed them half rations that morning.

See See, Clyde, and Winston, not making a mess! This pic was taken AFTER they did go out!
Nellie, age 12 and a half, who never, ever, makes a mess. She once held it for 19 hours when my dad was in the hospital. She was 6 weeks pregnant with 11 puppies, including Jane and Johnny, at the time.
Jane and Johnny age 9 years and 1 day

See See at Crump Park in Glen Allen and a spell check

See See saw a sheep! She was on a leash though, and then there is that whole fence thing, but I think I saw a spark of herding instinct!

In case anyone can’t spell German shepherd, remember that they are sheep herders. So it’s not Shephard, Shepard or Sheperd, it’s shepherd. Shephard, Shepard, or Sheperd can be someone’s last name though, which is why this text auto-corrects to capitalize. German is always capitalized because it is a nationality but shepherd need not be capitalized. Can you tell this is one of my pet peeves?

Dog class and Tiger Woods

Just another day in dog class. Thank you Michael, for the pics! Today we “rotated” dogs, “judges”, and handlers, so that after each dog was examined, that “judge” then took the dog as the handler to the end of the line, and so on. So I got a fresh perspective as a “judge”. The first thing I noticed was that when the handler brought the dog back on the down and back, if I couldn’t see it’s face, it was a detraction from the overall quality of the dog. So, I learned the importance of teaching the dog to look at the judge after the down and back.

Here I am being the judge for a Hamiltonstovare, a new AKC breed. Rosie is a sweet friendly dog. She belongs to Ashley Silver.

The second thing I noticed is, I am dressed like Tiger Woods on a Sunday. And when I think of Tiger Woods, I think about my dad. He loved Tiger. He really wanted him to succeed. He felt the same way about Barack Obama, and lived to see them both become very successful. He was so happy, he cried when Obama was elected, both times. My dad died 9 years ago yesterday at the age of 94, and I still miss him very much.

Here are Clyde and See See free stacking. Thank you Liz, for helping me handle again today!

VKC dog handling class with AKC breeder, judge, and professional handler Tom Dowell

The VKC has handling classes on Wednesday nights in Goochland, and it is worth the drive! Last night we had Tom Dowell teaching the class, and lots of attendees. (The smaller dogs attend in a separate class at 6:30, with the big dogs at 7:15.) It was great to have a new perspective and a man going over the dogs, just to make sure they are accustomed to both male and female judges.

Here are some videos of Clyde and See See. They are 20 months old today. Liz, a club member, is handling one if them (we switched back and forth). She often teaches the class and has handled many breeds professionally.

Thank you Allison, for shooting the videos!

Me with Clyde
Liz with Clyde and me with See See
Liz and See See