Johnny, Clyde, and See See at the dog shows

It was a three day weekend at Doswell. On Friday, I showed See See and she did ok, but did not win. On Thursday, I showed Johnny and Clyde. Johnny got Select, and Clyde did not win. Sunday, under Judge Sulee Greendale-Paveza, I showed Clyde and See See. Clyde and See See both got major reserves! Even though that is not a win, I was very proud! My friend Kaitlyn showed Clyde for me, and Clyde did great with her! Thank you Kait, and thank you Michael and Ashley for the videos!

See See being judged individually in the Bred-by Exhibitor class
Here is See See getting her major reserve
Kait is in the white jacket handling Clyde and getting second in class
Clyde getting the nod for the reserve with Kait handling

These next two pics were taken with the help of Ashley Minter. She did a great job of getting down on the dog’s level and getting great shots just outside the show building.

Clyde at 18 months
See See at 18 months

I will post the video and pic of Johnny getting Major Select when I get the professional pic back from the photographer.

Johnny in Virginia Kennel Club dog class: Video and pics

Johnny will be 9 years old in October. I haven’t shown him since he finished his Championship about 2 years ago. I took him to dog class yesterday to make sure he still knows what to do for the show this weekend. The instructor for the class, Liz, made sure he was bulletproof. She did an extremely thorough exam, and even pulled on his tail a little! You never know what a judge might do. Expect the unexpected.

Thank you Michael, for shooting the video and pics!

Nice profile shot of Johnny, stacked.
Johnny practicing sit-stay. He is entered in obedience in two weeks.

Tornado warning

Yesterday, we had a tornado warning. The news said we were directly in the path, and it was coming in 15 minutes. So, I got some water jugs and my phone and headed for the basement with all the dogs.

See See, Clyde, and Winston stayed in the dog room. As usual, they ignored their food.
Johnny, Nellie, and Jane had to wait out the tornado warning in the laundry room.

Jane gets upset sometimes during storms. She paws at me, as if I could make it stop. But brushing her really helps. She loves it, and is soothed by it. Then the others lined up to be groomed too. There is something about me sitting on the floor with them that makes them want to snuggle. By the time the storm was over, I had a giant pile of hair and toenail clippings. And I was covered with hair! And oh, the tornado dissipated, and I didn’t even lose power.

Where did Trixie come from?

My sister and her family live in Oregon. She had trouble finding the perfect dog —Trixie— and she and Rick went to many shelters looking. Apparently, the desire for shelter dogs is so great in Oregon, they bring strays in from California.

Their dog Molly had passed away, and it took them a couple of months to decide what to do.

Molly played Scrabble with Rick. She looks like Trixie, but was much larger, although it’s hard to tell in this pic.
Trixie before she was Trixie. She was found as a stray on the street in California.
Trixie after her first grooming, safe at last at Laura and Rick’s home in Oregon
Trixie with Laura
Laura loves this pic because Rick and Trixie look so happy together, and they have the same expression!
Rick plays Scrabble with Trixie too, just like with Molly.
Best of all, they love to eat together.

My sister caught her husband eating lunch with a cute blonde!

Her name is Trixie!

Actually, she found out they frequently dine together. Based on the following surreptitiously acquired photos, I think she has enough proof to confront this Trixie!

They even dined by candlelight!
He sometimes gives her the best food on his plate!
Wait, is he actually going to kiss her?
Trixie seems like the type who will wait for Rick, even though he is married.
She must have spent the night because that is definitely morning sun and breakfast food!
I don’t think he can get out of this one. He’s definitely kissing her.
And she’s nuzzling his neck!
He is definitely allowing her to take liberties. I don’t think Rick lets my sister do that!

More on Trixie later. Find out how Rick met Trixie!

Transporting rescue dogs

This evening I drove to South Hill and picked up four dogs out of fourteen and drove them north to Richmond. Three were border collie/blue heeler mix littermates and about 6 months old. The fourth was a year old lab mix. I was one of many volunteer drivers who transported the dogs in 80 mile sections from Cedar Bluff, Alabama, to Mechanic Falls, Maine. Richmond is an overnight point, and the dogs are fostered in the homes of still more volunteers. Some are already going to approved new homes, and some are going to no kill rescue groups. If not for this group of volunteers, these animals would be euthanized at shelters which are full in the south. If you want to volunteer, call Doris at 678-468-2524 who smoothly coordinates this amazing caravan.

You might think that all this traveling and being transfered from car to car would be stressful. But on the other hand, the dogs are handled gently by good people, and they get a good night of affection in someone’s home. The socialization is really good for those dogs that have not been around people much, or have been neglected or abused. They can start to learn to trust.

Here are two of the dogs with their temporary overnight foster volunteers.

The lab mix named Lucky. He was great in the car. He will make someone a great pet.
One of the border collie/blue heeler mixes. There were two females and one male.

Please get your dog spayed or neutered!