My new dog room floor!

The new floor is finally finished! The room is freshly painted too. It looks so much better. This is my future whelping room. The ceramic tile surface should be impervious to puppy pee and poop. Winston, Clyde, and See See seem to like it already. Now that they are all grown up, I am trying out the dog beds. Hopefully they will not get all chewed up.

Winston is next to the big crate. Clyde is next to him, and See See is across.
Apparently the dog beds are interchangeable. That is See See getting her face up in the camera.

Available GSD show quality puppy

Here is an updated pic of the German Shepherd puppy that I posted a few weeks ago. He is still available to the right show prospect home. He is a great looking puppy with great attitude and presence. Please see previous post for pedigree, testing, and contact information. He belongs to my friend Patricia, and is not related to my dogs.

This available puppy is a litter brother to the one whose ears I taped yesterday in the previous post.

Yet another GSD ear taping

This 4m old male GSD puppy has flying nun ears, and they were developing a crease on the inside. I advised taping them. With his owner’s assistance, I taped them up, and he adjusted beautifully. Patricia will monitor them daily, checking for the slightest sign of inflammation or infection.

No problem adjusting.
Gorgeous boy with fully taped ears.

Thank you to Virginia Kennel Club for allowing us to use the grooming table for the ear taping.

Kemy’s ears are UP!!

Kemy’s ears have been taped up for two weeks. We took the tape off yesterday, and lo and behold, they look great! And by great, I actually mean on their way to being great. They will need to be taped again!

They are leaning in here, but very upright.
Here she is with her owner’s friend Kevin. You can see that the ears are flopping some, but popping back up.

Kemy’s right ear had a small area of inflammation near the inside edge. Because of this, they cannot be retaped immediately. (NEVER tape an ear with any sign of infection or inflammation.) Josh will clean them daily, and in a few days they can be taped again. I expect them to flop a little more before we can tape again, which is normal at this stage.

Go Kemy! Overall, I am VERY pleased so far with the outcome given the way her ears originally looked. (Scroll back to previous posts.)

GSD puppy available!

Details and contact info below (puppy is not related to mine)

Available puppy shown here at 3 months old
Litter announcement showing pics of sire and dam

My friend Patricia Ray had a litter of German shepherd puppies born 11/1/22. Her Grand champion show female is the daughter of the 2022 Grand Victor. She was bred to a select male who is the son of the 2018 Grand Victor. So this is definitely a litter bred for show quality.

She has them all placed except one male. He is definitely show quality! Out of the seven, she is keeping three! She would like to keep one more, but just doesn’t have room. This male puppy is absolutely gorgeous! I saw him at dog class last night. He has a great temperament. She would like to place him in a show home, or even co-own with him. But she needs to get him placed right away, and would place him with the right pet home.

If you are interested in this gorgeous puppy contact Patricia at her email. She is located in central Virginia.

As with all of my referrals, trust but verify. This applies to ALL breeders. Make sure that you can look up information online for testing or that you see the actual paper copies from the breeder! Very important! Ask questions!
Here is more info on testing of parents, puppy, and pedigree info per Patricia:

Sire: OFA excellent hips, normal elbows, DM carrier, cardiac clear

Dam: OFA good hips, normal elbows, DM clear

The puppy is a DM carrier. Go to this link to see full pedigree:

Here is the puppy with professional handler Ron Webb when the puppies were being evaluated a week ago.

Birthday pics!

Here are some pics of the puppies that are two years old today. If you have a puppy from this litter, please send pics. I will add to this post as I get more pics.

Ranger, formerly known as Maverick
Ranger, formerly known as Maverick
Loosy (Appaloosa) at the OBX
Loosy (Appaloosa)
Loosy (Appaloosa) at work with Dad
See See enjoying Clyde’s attention
See See enjoying Clyde’s attention
Clyde and See See on their 2nd birthday
Clyde, age 2
See See age 2
Cash, aka “Pony”, not to be confused with sire of litter ( GCH Trademark’s C’mon Cash Machine ) with same call name, “Cash”

Practicing GSD handling in Petersburg

I got together with some friends today and practiced handling Clyde and See See. They are 2 years old 2/6/23. Here are some pictures of the two of them stacked. Thank you Kevin, for taking the pictures.

It’s cool to compare them. Clyde has a better croup, and See See has more rear angulation. See See has better pigment, and Clyde has better ears. Clyde has great bone, and See See has a nice front. Clyde definitely has a masculine look, and See See is definitely feminine, which is desirable in the breed.

See See
See See
Lol, who stacked me?