Yet another GSD ear taping

This 4m old male GSD puppy has flying nun ears, and they were developing a crease on the inside. I advised taping them. With his owner’s assistance, I taped them up, and he adjusted beautifully. Patricia will monitor them daily, checking for the slightest sign of inflammation or infection. Thank you to Virginia Kennel ClubContinue reading “Yet another GSD ear taping”

The T pattern in conformation at Virginia Kennel Club class

The T pattern is rarely seen anymore in the AKC ring. But, ya gotta be prepared for anything the judge throws at ya. Thank you Bob, for “judging” this nearly all GSD class, even though you are a sporting dog judge. Thank you Michael, for shooting the video.

Clyde and See See at dog class

We went to dog class again with the Virginia Kennel Club in Goochland. Liz, one of the members of the club, handled See See for me while I handled Clyde. The dogs do not look their best here, but I was pleased that Clyde was focused on me even with See See right behind. AndContinue reading “Clyde and See See at dog class”

Clyde at dog class

Thank you Michael for shooting this great pic and your efforts with video. I could not get the Clyde videos to load! It’s such a small room that it’s hard to gait a German Shepherd and make it look as good as Michael did. I did want to post it, because he looks so relaxedContinue reading “Clyde at dog class”