Dirty puppies and Ukraine

What in the world do dirty puppies have to do with Ukraine? PLEASE read to end to find out! About six weeks ago I decided to have my shower enlarged because it is too small to give a dog a good bath in it. So I called Aleks, who manages Oz Granite in the SouthContinue reading “Dirty puppies and Ukraine”

Clyde went to Brown’s Island in downtown Richmond!

Clyde did great on his walk across the bridge. There is some movement in the surface of the bridge when walking across it. Some dogs panic. Clyde walked a little funny but he did fine. He very cleverly sought the sections of the bridge that were braced the best. I don’t recommend walking across theContinue reading “Clyde went to Brown’s Island in downtown Richmond!”

Clyde at dog class

Thank you Michael for shooting this great pic and your efforts with video. I could not get the Clyde videos to load! It’s such a small room that it’s hard to gait a German Shepherd and make it look as good as Michael did. I did want to post it, because he looks so relaxedContinue reading “Clyde at dog class”