Clyde went to Brown’s Island in downtown Richmond!

Clyde did great on his walk across the bridge. There is some movement in the surface of the bridge when walking across it. Some dogs panic. Clyde walked a little funny but he did fine. He very cleverly sought the sections of the bridge that were braced the best. I don’t recommend walking across the bridge with smaller dogs. There are spaces between the slats of the metal, and smaller dogs could get their toenails stuck in it. Also the roar of the rapids is disconcerting. Some dogs really don’t like that loud sound, plus the wind makes a sound. Lots of people, dogs, bicycles, strollers, etc. It was a good test of Clyde’s temperament. I’d say he passed with flying colors! I am especially proud because he has grown up in the country, and I have still managed to get him well socialized to unusual urban environments.

Clyde on the T. Tyler Potterfield Bridge
Clyde crossing the James River

It was hard getting good pics. So many people around and other dogs. Also, I had to carry Clyde’s poop in a bag all the way back across the bridge because he very politely waited to get across before he pooped. Not all dogs could wait, I noticed!

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