Diagnosis: nothing!

I love it when I go to the vet and nothing is wrong. I thought See See was having a split heat or an infection, but she had neither according to the vet. A vaginal culture was obtained and it was all normal. The discharge that she had was considered normal in accordance with when she had her heat cycle. Apparently her brothers are immature and don’t know anything about what a true heat cycle is. Many young dogs will react to anything unusual and think it’s time for sex!

The vet really loved See See’s temperament. See See was very loving to the vet and her assistant before and after the vaginal culture. When she came back in the room with the diagnosis after looking at the microscope See See ran up to her and wanted to be petted.

See See waiting in the lobby, listening to the receptionist
See See sitting beside me on the bench in the exam room
Waiting for the vet to return with news

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