Virginia Kennel Club dog handling class, featuring Clyde and See See

Thank you Michael, for taking these pics at class tonight. Michael has a German Shepherd too, so he knows how to get the right pose, picture, and video.

Keith worked with Clyde to get him accustomed to being stacked
Clyde is leaning forward just a tad. You can tell because his front legs are not perfectly straight. But really this is pretty darn good.
Clyde moved out as much as possible in the small room with no mats for traction. The club should be getting some mats for this room soon, and we may get a bigger room!
Ideally, See See would have her ears up and her left rear leg extended a little more, to where the leg between foot and hock is perpendicular to the ground.
Show dogs have to tolerate a lot. Here is See See letting me place her leg just so. Then she will have to hold it while a judge touches her all over.
At the end of class, the dogs all go around together, and everyone claps, just like in a real show. In this video Clyde kept turning around to look at See See, which is not great. That’s why we go to class, practice!

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