Clyde and See See at dog class

We went to dog class again with the Virginia Kennel Club in Goochland. Liz, one of the members of the club, handled See See for me while I handled Clyde.

Clyde’s left rear foot should be back a little further. This is a free stack, where Clyde only gets a treat when he gets closer and closer to the correct pose.
See See’s left rear foot should be back much further. If she were stacked correctly, this would make her back appear to be sloped more. Even so, Liz is doing great with her.

The dogs do not look their best here, but I was pleased that Clyde was focused on me even with See See right behind. And I was very happy that See See let someone else handle her, and stayed focused and relaxed.

Thank you Michael, for taking pics again! Thank you Liz, for doing so much to help See See feel at ease with you! Thank you Ashley, for running the class and running outside with me and the dogs! Thank you Katherine, for watching us run and offering your analysis of the gaits! Thank you Barbara, for making it all happen!

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