Yet another GSD ear taping

This 4m old male GSD puppy has flying nun ears, and they were developing a crease on the inside. I advised taping them. With his owner’s assistance, I taped them up, and he adjusted beautifully. Patricia will monitor them daily, checking for the slightest sign of inflammation or infection. Thank you to Virginia Kennel ClubContinue reading “Yet another GSD ear taping”

VKC conformation class featuring new GSD handlers

Jasmine brought her friend Lexi with her to dog class, and with Liz helping out, I got video of three GSDs, including two of mine, Clyde and See See, in handling class. The room where we have class is rather small, and the floor is slick, which is fine for smaller dogs, or dogs thatContinue reading “VKC conformation class featuring new GSD handlers”

Dog class and Tiger Woods

Just another day in dog class. Thank you Michael, for the pics! Today we “rotated” dogs, “judges”, and handlers, so that after each dog was examined, that “judge” then took the dog as the handler to the end of the line, and so on. So I got a fresh perspective as a “judge”. The firstContinue reading “Dog class and Tiger Woods”

VKC dog handling class with AKC breeder, judge, and professional handler Tom Dowell

The VKC has handling classes on Wednesday nights in Goochland, and it is worth the drive! Last night we had Tom Dowell teaching the class, and lots of attendees. (The smaller dogs attend in a separate class at 6:30, with the big dogs at 7:15.) It was great to have a new perspective and aContinue reading “VKC dog handling class with AKC breeder, judge, and professional handler Tom Dowell”

Johnny in Virginia Kennel Club dog class: Video and pics

Johnny will be 9 years old in October. I haven’t shown him since he finished his Championship about 2 years ago. I took him to dog class yesterday to make sure he still knows what to do for the show this weekend. The instructor for the class, Liz, made sure he was bulletproof. She didContinue reading “Johnny in Virginia Kennel Club dog class: Video and pics”