Dog class and Tiger Woods

Just another day in dog class. Thank you Michael, for the pics! Today we “rotated” dogs, “judges”, and handlers, so that after each dog was examined, that “judge” then took the dog as the handler to the end of the line, and so on. So I got a fresh perspective as a “judge”. The first thing I noticed was that when the handler brought the dog back on the down and back, if I couldn’t see it’s face, it was a detraction from the overall quality of the dog. So, I learned the importance of teaching the dog to look at the judge after the down and back.

Here I am being the judge for a Hamiltonstovare, a new AKC breed. Rosie is a sweet friendly dog. She belongs to Ashley Silver.

The second thing I noticed is, I am dressed like Tiger Woods on a Sunday. And when I think of Tiger Woods, I think about my dad. He loved Tiger. He really wanted him to succeed. He felt the same way about Barack Obama, and lived to see them both become very successful. He was so happy, he cried when Obama was elected, both times. My dad died 9 years ago yesterday at the age of 94, and I still miss him very much.

Here are Clyde and See See free stacking. Thank you Liz, for helping me handle again today!

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