How did See See and Johnny do at Doswell? Pics and videos!

In addition to See See’s first point on Wednesday, she got an additional point on Thursday, and even went best of opposite sex over another female who was already a champion!

I am so happy, and See See does not care about the win, she just wants to be loved, which is not a problem!

See See was entered Friday, and won her class, but did not win points. Saturday, Johnny was entered in Beginner Novice obedience. This was his first entry ever in obedience, and he is nearly 9 years old.

Johnny doing the heel on leash with figure eight. Not so good, really. Notice how many times there was tension in the leash. Points off for that.
Johnny did the sit for exam perfectly.
The sit stay as I walked around the ring was perfect too.
The recall was not perfect! I had to use a second command because he went past me to explore something that smelled good. Points off, and allowed only in Beginner Novice.

Johnny got a qualifying score of 190 out of 200, which I thought was generous. That is the first leg towards the Beginner Novice title.

Here’s Johnny after the obedience competition. I didn’t do the precise grooming as in the pic below. I wish that car tire didn’t make his back look humped up! Otherwise a good pic. He has a very solid top line if you look closely.
Here is the pro pic of Johnny a couple of weeks ago when he got Select. Grooming makes a huge difference!

We didn’t enter Sunday, and no more conformation shows until November. At least not close enough for me. I will be working on the next level of obedience with Winston, and taking Clyde and See See to dog class.

See See gets her first point!

I only showed See See today. I’m trying to focus on her because she does so much better with individual attention, and I’m not having to switch back and forth between her and Clyde. She is also entered on Thursday and Friday.

Thank you Kyle, for the videos!

See See being judged individually in class
See See’s sire, Cash, being judged for Best of Breed

In the next video you first see the two winners go around together. Ahead of me is the winning male. (The female always follows the male.) As we go around together the judge is selecting Best of Winners. All the other dogs in the ring are already Champions and they are competing for Best of Breed. The first four in line are males, and the fifth dog is a female. Cash gets Best of Breed, and See See gets Best of Winners, the champion female gets Best of Opposite Sex, and another male gets Select.

Cash winning Best of Breed, and See See getting Best of Winners
Vera, Cash’s owner, took this wonderful pic of See See after the show

Winston gets CD title in 3 shows in 2 days!

In AKC obedience, CD stands for Companion Dog. It means the dog has gotten a qualifying score three times in Novice exercises. Click here to go to the AKC website for precise information:

Obedience: About

Winston was entered in the Tidelands Poodle Club obedience trials on Saturday and Sunday. There was one show on Saturday and two on Sunday. It was a long, hot weekend, but Winston held up great. I was so proud of him for getting his title in one weekend, and in our first attempt. It has been so hot, we hadn’t been working much on heel off leash. I was worried about that part, and sure enough, that was not his best exercise. But overall he still did quite well and scored in the 180s with each try, out of a possible 200 points.

Here, Winston is doing the figure eight heeling pattern and the stand for exam.
This video shows the sit stay and down stay.
In addition to the first place blue ribbons and the green qualifying ribbons, Winston got the multicolored rosette, plus a small prize each day. Thank you Tidelands Poodle Club and AKC judges Cheryl Pratt and Renee Hoover!

Transporting rescue dogs

On Saturday evening I transported some more rescue dogs. I drove them from South Hill, Virginia to Richmond where they were then overnighted in temporary foster homes. The dogs were originally at full shelters in Alabama and Georgia, and several volunteers were organized to transport 13 dogs. On Sunday morning other volunteers took them all the way to New Jersey and Maine. The three I transported were two Australian Shepherd mixes and one basset hound mix. Here’s a few pictures.

Johnny, Clyde, and See See at the dog shows

It was a three day weekend at Doswell. On Friday, I showed See See and she did ok, but did not win. On Thursday, I showed Johnny and Clyde. Johnny got Select, and Clyde did not win. Sunday, under Judge Sulee Greendale-Paveza, I showed Clyde and See See. Clyde and See See both got major reserves! Even though that is not a win, I was very proud! My friend Kaitlyn showed Clyde for me, and Clyde did great with her! Thank you Kait, and thank you Michael and Ashley for the videos!

See See being judged individually in the Bred-by Exhibitor class
Here is See See getting her major reserve
Kait is in the white jacket handling Clyde and getting second in class
Clyde getting the nod for the reserve with Kait handling

These next two pics were taken with the help of Ashley Minter. She did a great job of getting down on the dog’s level and getting great shots just outside the show building.

Clyde at 18 months
See See at 18 months

I will post the video and pic of Johnny getting Major Select when I get the professional pic back from the photographer.

Johnny in Virginia Kennel Club dog class: Video and pics

Johnny will be 9 years old in October. I haven’t shown him since he finished his Championship about 2 years ago. I took him to dog class yesterday to make sure he still knows what to do for the show this weekend. The instructor for the class, Liz, made sure he was bulletproof. She did an extremely thorough exam, and even pulled on his tail a little! You never know what a judge might do. Expect the unexpected.

Thank you Michael, for shooting the video and pics!

Nice profile shot of Johnny, stacked.
Johnny practicing sit-stay. He is entered in obedience in two weeks.