Breathe Right strips for GSD puppy ears

Some breeders have had success with using Breathe Right strips in ears to brace them. In my experience, this only works in limited circumstances. In order for this to work, the ear must be almost up anyway, meaning it is occasionally flopping. And the bend can’t be low on the ear, or at the topContinue reading “Breathe Right strips for GSD puppy ears”

Clyde and See See playing and ears again

Here are a couple of videos of Clyde and See See playing in the yard. See See’s ears look great, even though I had to take the tape off sooner than I had planned due to an infection on the OUTSIDE of her ear. The heat and humidity really is a perfect environment for reallyContinue reading “Clyde and See See playing and ears again”

Connie’s ears, retaped

Here is a pic of Connie’s ears after her vet retaped them. The vet watched my videos to learn my method of taping. Vets do ear cropping which is totally different than simply taping ears that won’t stand. I think the vet did a good job, but I would have liked for the ears toContinue reading “Connie’s ears, retaped”