Clyde and See See playing and ears again

Here are a couple of videos of Clyde and See See playing in the yard. See See’s ears look great, even though I had to take the tape off sooner than I had planned due to an infection on the OUTSIDE of her ear. The heat and humidity really is a perfect environment for really hot and fast developing bacterial and fungal infections when there is limited air circulation. Please people, check those ears at least once a day with the sniff test and get that tape off if there is a bad smell. In these videos, the tape has been off about a week, and if you look carefully, you can see there is some hair missing at the base of the left ear. She is in the pink collar. I keep saying this, but I don’t think I will have to retape her ears.

2 thoughts on “Clyde and See See playing and ears again

  1. I do love seeing the videos….  Keep them coming….. Melissa Life is short. Surround yourself with good people.


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