Breathe Right strips for GSD puppy ears

Some breeders have had success with using Breathe Right strips in ears to brace them. In my experience, this only works in limited circumstances. In order for this to work, the ear must be almost up anyway, meaning it is occasionally flopping. And the bend can’t be low on the ear, or at the top either. If it’s at the top, the weight of the strip will make it bend lower on the ear. If it’s too low, the strip isn’t strong enough to hold. If you put in multiple strips, the weight of the strips pulls the ear to the side. So I tried it on See See, because her bend was in the middle, and she did hold it up sometimes.

Looks good so far!

In this video you can see it holds up pretty well.

I will definitely post with results. Definite advantages with this method, as there isn’t really any likelihood of infection. Also, it is well tolerated. And if it doesn’t work, it’s pretty obvious if the ear is still flopping, or the ear is pulled to the side.

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