Connie’s ears, retaped

Here is a pic of Connie’s ears after her vet retaped them. The vet watched my videos to learn my method of taping. Vets do ear cropping which is totally different than simply taping ears that won’t stand. I think the vet did a good job, but I would have liked for the ears to be a bit farther apart. The ears don’t need to be immobile, just upright and facing forward. She is such a pretty girl! Thank you to Connies’s mom for the nice pics!

3 thoughts on “Connie’s ears, retaped

  1. Thank you Ms. Morgan , for all the posts for Connemara and all your help throughout !
    All the puppies in the litter are wonderful. It’s been a delight to follow the blog and see all the puppies grow. Special is this blog. Special are you Sarah.


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