Kemy’s ears are UP!!

Kemy’s ears have been taped up for two weeks. We took the tape off yesterday, and lo and behold, they look great! And by great, I actually mean on their way to being great. They will need to be taped again! Kemy’s right ear had a small area of inflammation near the inside edge. BecauseContinue reading “Kemy’s ears are UP!!”

Kemy gets her ears taped again

Kemy came back today for a retaping. I had hoped her ears might stand a little bit more since yesterday, but instead they were more droopy. But at least we know the bases will stand. I think with a real concerted effort we can get this puppy’s ears up. The old school wisdom is “IfContinue reading “Kemy gets her ears taped again”

Another update on Josh’s puppy’s ears

Josh brought his 6m old female GSD, “Kemy”, back over for a retaping. The ears are coming along nicely. They definitely look better than they did, but have a ways to go. We decided to let them “rest” overnight, and we will retape tomorrow. The ears look very healthy, with no sign if irritation orContinue reading “Another update on Josh’s puppy’s ears”