Kemy’s ears are UP!!

Kemy’s ears have been taped up for two weeks. We took the tape off yesterday, and lo and behold, they look great! And by great, I actually mean on their way to being great. They will need to be taped again!

They are leaning in here, but very upright.
Here she is with her owner’s friend Kevin. You can see that the ears are flopping some, but popping back up.

Kemy’s right ear had a small area of inflammation near the inside edge. Because of this, they cannot be retaped immediately. (NEVER tape an ear with any sign of infection or inflammation.) Josh will clean them daily, and in a few days they can be taped again. I expect them to flop a little more before we can tape again, which is normal at this stage.

Go Kemy! Overall, I am VERY pleased so far with the outcome given the way her ears originally looked. (Scroll back to previous posts.)

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