Another update on Josh’s puppy’s ears

Josh brought his 6m old female GSD, “Kemy”, back over for a retaping. The ears are coming along nicely. They definitely look better than they did, but have a ways to go. We decided to let them “rest” overnight, and we will retape tomorrow. The ears look very healthy, with no sign if irritation or infection, which must be closely monitored during taping. Josh has done a good job keeping the tape dry and keeping her comfortable.

Sometimes when the tape is taken off, the ears are a little tender. And so they don’t hold them up as well as they do the next day. Other times, the ears are as good as they’re going to get and the ears fall back down without the support of the tape. So we will see what tomorrow brings. Regardless, we will keep at it until they are up.

Kemy looks like she is going to be a great show dog once those ears are up!

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