Taping German Shepherd puppy ears

My friend Josh got a new puppy in August. She is almost 6 months old. One of her ears is really floppy. So today we taped them up. Here are the before and after pictures. When the tape comes off I will take more pictures. Fingers crossed they stand up! Taping is not a guarantee,Continue reading “Taping German Shepherd puppy ears”

Last day of show report, running errands, and current pics

Our last chance to win, and Winston got another Reserve. Boo.The judge gave me a compliment on See See as I was leaving the ring though. He said he thought she was going to be nice, and that she is just “loose” now, which is true. As I have mentioned to some of the otherContinue reading “Last day of show report, running errands, and current pics”

Mustang, aka Chief, and, you guessed it, Ears

This nearly 6 month old Long-haired GSD puppy’s ears have been up and down. His owner tried the breathe right strips, but had to take them out because he had an insect bite that got sore and he kept scratching it and shaking his head. So, that day, his ears looked like this: The veryContinue reading “Mustang, aka Chief, and, you guessed it, Ears”