Happy Birthday Peggy!

I just found out today is Connie’s mom’s birthday too! Peggy has been a great puppy owner, asking lots of good questions and dealing with some really stubborn ears! Here are some pics of Peggy with Connie and family. Happy birthday to you too!

All of Peggy’s hard work with Connie’s ears really paid off! This is Connie today, at 7 months.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Peggy!

  1. So sweet of you Sarah for the birthday wish . Thank you !

    Connemara photos May 8, July 8 , Sept 6. Been wonderful, yes even with the ears ! At 7 months I am so pleased with Connemara. who is progressing indoors, outdoors …just a great puppy ! & I must say a very strong gsd puppy!

    I just started using a harness on Connemara to help with this. It was something I resisted in but found this inexpensive style harness has helped tremendously on our daily walks which is our down time away from training time. So far i have found it to be beneficial . Hope this helps by saying this.
    Thank you again Sarah for this blog for us today🐾❤️


  2. Happy Birthday Mr Adams ! We share a birthday ( wow) and love for this litter.
    Happy to of met you via Shepherd Sight ! Thank you about Connie ❤️


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