Happy Birthday Zach!

One of the pleasures of dog breeding is meeting nice people. Here are some pics of a gentleman I met who ended up coming back frequently just to pet puppies and help with socializing them. He brought toys and love which they needed lots of! Happy birthday to the puppies who are 7 months old today, and to Zach! And a great big thank you too.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Zach!

  1. Thank you Sarah,It was the highlight of my day visiting all those babies.You are so admired for the love you have for animals.They are so lucky to have you and you them.Really enjoying watching them grow and progress through your blog.


  2. Thank you Mr. Adams ,finally see the gentleman who loved all the puppies and post comments on the blog ! My Connemara now, pink girl then …must of had lots of love from you thank you ! It is wonderful to follow these special puppies, be part of this blog that Sarah graciously has. .
    Happy to part of this blog with you today for their 7 months. Take care Mr. Adams.


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