GSD puppies still available!

At 8 weeks old, these puppies are the perfect age to begin the bonding experience with a new family. Right now, I have two puppies still available from a litter of eleven including one normal coat male. I call him Quarter (Quarterhorse), and he is wearing the purple collar that you can also see in past pictures. He is lively with a big boy head, and will probably be large with nice dark colors. He knows his name! He should go to someone who has had a GSD before. These are up to date pics.

I also have a longhaired female who I call Cherry (Percheron). (White collar) She is friendly and sweet natured, and already used to being brushed and combed. She’s a problem solver, being the first puppy to get in and out of the whelping box on her own. She has a significant amount of white on her chest which looks quite striking. She should go to someone who sees value in the bonding experience that regular grooming creates. Although longhairs do not look like typical GSDs, they are stunningly beautiful when their coats are well maintained. Here is Cherry!

To inquire about these puppies, please use this contact box.

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