New homes!

In the past two days, 6 puppies have gone to their new homes. Each family came more than once to see the litter, and together, we decided on the best puppy for the household. On Sunday, Pony, Loosy, and Mustang went to their forever homes.

This family had their eye on Pony from the start. He was immediately drawn to the girl.
This girl has two brothers waiting for her to bring home Loosy! Loosy’s happy go lucky attitude is perfect for their home.
Mustang is truly loved in his new home. His happy attitude will bring much joy.

On Monday, I said goodbye to Dressy, Filly, and Mustang as they went to new homes too.

Dressy went the farthest, all the way to Maryland. Her sweet and gentle personality makes her special.
Filly started out small but she caught up! She went to my friend’s family member. An excellent home.
Maverick’s laid back style is what made a perfect match for this stay-at-home couple.

AND THEN THERE WERE THREE! I will post pics soon of Quarter, Cherry, and Connie. They are still available! I am keeping See See and Clyde.

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