More success with ears!

Connie’s ears gave us all fits. They were taped and taped again. They got better, she was teething, they came down, we tried the breathe right strips, and then tried it again, and finally that lazy ear came up! She is so pretty with her ears up! Thank you for sending the pics Peggy! Gosh I hope they are up for good!

You can see where the hair was clipped, but it’s already growing back.
Connie at 6 months

2 thoughts on “More success with ears!

  1. Thank you Sarah for sharing and helping with Connemara’s ears. Yes, yes , yes …I hope her ears are up for good too 😉
    Thank you also for taking time out to post the journeys of the puppies for all to see…still think thats awesome of you 🤩


    1. Thank you for your kind words. I love getting pics from the puppies’ new families and getting updates about how they are doing. I think others like the updates too, and can sort of compare the milestones, training accomplishments, ears, etc. And of course I am so proud of Clyde and See See! I love to post about them too.


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