Johnny and Jane took a trip

Johnny and Jane were born in WV where I used to live. I just sold the house; the closing was on Thursday. So we were there one last time. They got to hang out at the house and run along the creek down in the bottom. We were comfortable there for a few years, and then they adapted well to Virginia. I had very mixed feelings about selling the house, but it was more than I could manage on my own. We made the trip there and back in one day. I still had stuff to pack up, and I got a car dolly and towed the car home. I was exhausted! Special thank you to my neighbors, Gail and Nancy, for letting Nellie, Winston, Clyde, and See See out to potty while I was gone!

Jane, always attentive, in front of the living room where she was born
Johnny chilling on the front porch of the house where he was born

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