Connie’s ears

I have been communicating with Connie’s owner frequently about her ears. She is rightfully concerned that they need taping. After a couple of weeks of up and down , and now mostly down, at 5 months old, we decided to tape. In this video, you can see Connie, who is the only longhair, with herContinue reading “Connie’s ears”

Random pics of my sweet babies

My sweet puppies are coming right along. They are 4 months old, well let’s say 4 and a half. They will be 5 months on July 6, 2021. I weighed them today at petSmart. See See weighs 48 lbs., and Clyde weighs 52 lbs. I am still fighting with See See’s ears. Please, if youContinue reading “Random pics of my sweet babies”

Those ears again, and How did we do at the show?

Believe it or not, See See’s ears are still standing! I took the tape off Friday morning. They looked great at the show that day, and she won over Clyde, and then got second in the Puppy Herding Group competition! Winston got 2 points toward his championship (15 is needed and he now has 6)Continue reading “Those ears again, and How did we do at the show?”

Goodbye to Quarterhorse

Quarter went to his new home today! All the way in Pennsylvania. I’m very pleased with this placement because the family is familiar with German Shepherds, having owned them before. And horses! They have horses! They will have to be careful with Quarter at first until he gets used to being around them, keeping himContinue reading “Goodbye to Quarterhorse”