Connie’s ears

I have been communicating with Connie’s owner frequently about her ears. She is rightfully concerned that they need taping. After a couple of weeks of up and down , and now mostly down, at 5 months old, we decided to tape. In this video, you can see Connie, who is the only longhair, with her ears flopping around and down before we taped. The puppy with the taped ears is my See See, the male puppy with the ears up is my Clyde, and the smaller and a bit younger puppy with ears up belongs to Vera Symonds of Trademark Kennels. Her name is Meg, and she is a cousin to my litter, because her dam is a sister to Cash, the sire of my litter. The big gentle dog is Cash. Thank you Vera, for letting us meet there to do the ear taping. It was a great afternoon of socializing the puppies, and a perfect halfway point for us to meet.

Connie with her ears taped

Connie has had no trouble with adapting to the tape on her ears, her owner reports, after two days so far. See See’s ears have been taped for only about 5 days so far, but this is the third taping for her. Trying to leave it on as long as possible for best results.

One thought on “Connie’s ears

  1. Thank you Sarah and Vera for today’s visit with Connemara. Cash and his puppies sweet. Meg is so sweet too.


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