Goodbye to Quarterhorse

Quarter went to his new home today! All the way in Pennsylvania. I’m very pleased with this placement because the family is familiar with German Shepherds, having owned them before. And horses! They have horses! They will have to be careful with Quarter at first until he gets used to being around them, keeping him on a leash until he adapts. I especially liked this young couple because they asked lots of really good questions. This told me that they understood how to determine if I was a good breeder, and if Quarter had a suitable bloodline that would be most likely to have good health and temperament. Having two young children, they are home a lot and understand the supervision they will need to provide around a young playful puppy. Special thanks to Vera Symonds, Quarter’s sire’s owner, for this great referral.

Check out those paws and ears! This puppy is a real beaut!
Hey, I think this might work out ok, that looks like my puppy food!

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