Long-haired female GSD available

Sadly, my friend who I was holding “Connie” for is unable to take her now, or to give me a time frame because of the health of her other dogs. So with Connie’s best interest in mind, I must place her. Just because she is the last puppy available out of a litter of 11 healthy pups, she is by no means the “last pick”! She has a very sweet and loving personality, and very nice conformation, which I wanted for my friend who is an experienced GSD owner. Despite this, I am selling her as a pet because of her long coat.
I did have Connie genetically tested, and she definitely has both recessive genes for long coat, and she does NOT carry the DM gene. I have been working with her on leash training and she has been accustomed to a crate for a couple of weeks now. The house training is going well. She plays like a normal silly puppy with her siblings and behaves appropriately around other dogs. She is up to date on shots and worming. She will likely be a large female, in the 75 to 85 lb. range. She will need frequent grooming to maintain that beautiful graceful look that is the hallmark of the longhaired GSD. As of tomorrow, she is 12 weeks old. Please use the contact form at bottom of this post to inquire about Connie. $1700 price includes guarantee and breeder as an information resource for a lifetime. Contract to review upon request.

Here are some pics of Connie, taken today:

Bases of ears are coming up nicely!
Coming when called!
Nice dark expressive eyes!

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