The mystery began on Friday

Last Thursday, I had 5 puppies still here. That’s Quarter in the front, my two I’m keeping- Clyde and See See lying together- then Connie with the pink collar I’m holding back until a friend is ready for her, and Cherry next to the tree. That’s two available.

A family who wanted to find a male German Shepherd puppy contacted me last Wednesday. Their beloved male German Shepherd had passed some time ago, and while they still mourned the loss, they were ready to move on. When I talked to the Mrs, I found out that they were indeed a great family for Quarter, my last male puppy left to place, leaving the female longhair, Cherry. She told me about their family. Her husband worked from home some, her 5 kids were home a lot, and they had several acres. They even had chickens. They set up a time to come Friday to see Quarter. It sounded perfect. No mystery there!

When they arrived, I sent out the “welcoming committee”, Nellie (Grandma to puppies) and Winston (older brother of puppies). I explained that, grown up, Quarter will probably look most like Winston, and Cherry will look like Nellie. And before they saw the puppies, they also met their mother Jane, and Johnny, Jane’s brother.
Then, they met Quarter and Cherry.


And they couldn’t decide!

Some family members preferred longhaired Cherry, and yet they had come for a male short coat! The family met all five puppies, so they could see them interacting and playing together. And Cherry tended to linger with the people who had come to see them, while the other four trotted around playing. They kept me in suspense! The family would return on Saturday. They were sure they wanted a puppy, but not sure which one!
I recommended Cherry. With the five kids, they would probably be happier with the happy go lucky personality of Cherry, vs. the typical more reserved German Shepherd personality of Quarter. And personality is what you live with. Then there’s the whole idea of thinking somewhere in the back of your mind, you are getting a dog just like the one who has passed on, and then maybe you are comparing all the time…. So should you do that? Maybe, maybe not.
But then again, there’s all the grooming! That long coat takes time to get through and keep nice. But so worth it! Long coats really are gorgeous, despite it being considered a fault in the AKC conformation ring.

I got up yesterday not knowing who would still be with me at the end of the day.

They picked Cherry!

I think they made the right decision by picking Cherry. The whole family seemed happy with this choice, and I am too.

I’m real pleased with all the placements so far. I cannot believe Quarter is still here. He is so nice! He is going to be a gorgeous German Shepherd, probably good sized, a very masculine look, and very nice coloring with a thick but not long coat. If my friend is unable to take Connie after all, I may have to place her too. She is a long hair. I will continue to be very particular about homes for my puppies! Here is the current gang!

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