Those ears again, and How did we do at the show?

Believe it or not, See See’s ears are still standing! I took the tape off Friday morning. They looked great at the show that day, and she won over Clyde, and then got second in the Puppy Herding Group competition! Winston got 2 points toward his championship (15 is needed and he now has 6) on Friday also when he got Winners Dog and Best of Opposite. The judge that day was a judge that knows German Shepherds in particular, so I am more pleased about this win than if he had won on other days. She was also the judge in the puppy show. So I am very happy about these wins, although there was not much competition.

More about ears. I have heard from some of Jane’s puppies’ owners, and some are rightfully concerned about ears. Some are really flopping, as are the two I kept. Clyde’s had been really good, then one came down in time for the show, but is now back up, with no taping. Remember to check for a “hard fold” which damages the cartilage in the ear over time. If you have a hard fold, or “break” in the ear, consider taping at this age. These puppies were born 2/6/2021, so they are 4 months plus 9 days old. I am well aware that many breeders wait longer to tape, to give ears a chance to stand on their own. However, given what I know about my bloodline having weak ears, and some adult dogs ending up with hanging ears when owners just let the ears go, I advise taping earlier rather than later.
Here is a video of my puppies (with Winston of course) with ears doing really pretty good for this age. Just FYI, I had to tape Winston’s ears for several weeks at around this age, and now they are perfect.

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