Re-taping See See’s ears

See See’s left ear tape got messed up, and the ear started to lean way in, probably because I let Winston babysit her. They must have played a little too hard. So, I took the tape off that ear, which happened to be the one that had stopped standing on its own. And guess what? It stood up! I re-taped it anyway. I really need to get someone to shoot video of me taping ears to demonstrate how to do this exactly.

It isn’t perfect, but it is standing!
You can see I put the tape further down on the ear, and when I put the bridge on, I will put it further down the right one too. I will have to be extra careful with making sure those ears don’t get yeasty.
The bridge looks actually better than last time. I hope this holds until Friday!

2 thoughts on “Re-taping See See’s ears

    1. Love her!! She went to puppy conformation class last night and did really well. She acted like she knew just what to do. Also, she is better at natural retrieve than Clyde. Just like her mom Jane.
      I saw Mustang yesterday. He’s a monster. His healthy long coat makes him look huge. I think I’m going to have to tape his ears too!


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