Clyde the show dog! First point! And transporting rescue dogs again…

Last weekend, I showed for 4 out of 5 days at Doswell. I got one win, Clyde’s first point! Thank you Judge Albert Bianchi! Clyde is starting to look good. Filling out nicely as he approaches age 2.

Clyde is 21 months old in this pic. I am 718 months old, LOL.

After the shows, I transported 3 rescues with Whole Lotta Love dog transport out of a group of 15 dogs saved from euthanasia at overcrowded southern shelters. It was dark throughout the trip, as arriving in Richmond is the last leg of the journey. The two people in these pics are fostering overnight. They went north the next day, some going as far as Maine.

This dog is seven years old and a willing rider in the car. Someone had taken good car of her at some point.
This mountain cur mix likes to ride with his pink pillow!

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