Happy Birthday to Johnny and Jane, Johnny gets BN obedience title, and the beach

Yesterday was a long day! We went to Hampton, Virginia and participated in two dog obedience trials in one day. This was towards the last two legs to get the Beginner Novice title for Johnny. It was also his 9th birthday along with his sister Jane.

The morning trial. Exercises are: Heel on lead, Figure 8, Sit for exam, Sit-stay with walk around, and Recall. He scored 193.5 out of a possible 200 forfirst place! Points off for going around behind me on the recall, and some lagging at heel.

Between the two shows, Johnny and I went to Virginia Beach.

Sit-stay comes in handy for a video
Johnny and me at the beach on his 9th birthday
The second trial, same exercises. He scored 195 out of 200 for first place! Points off for slightly crooked sit on recall and a little crowding and lagging at heel.
Getting the ribbons and new title from Judge Betsy Horn Humer who was exceptionally nice!

The Portsmouth Chesapeake Obedience Training Club (PCOTC) gives prizes for first place, so I got $20 and a nice new 6 ft leather lead in addition to the ribbons. Thank you, PCOTC!

Johnny’s ribbons from 10/30/2022. Thank you to Judge Betsy Horn Humer for excellent directions, tips, and kindness in the ring!

I was gone for 11 hours. I am happy to report that the five dogs i left at home were able to hold it! I was very surprised that even See See (females take longer to develop those “holding it” muscles) did not make a mess! Needless to say, I don’t make a habit of leaving them that long without being able to go outside. I only fed them half rations that morning.

See See, Clyde, and Winston, not making a mess! This pic was taken AFTER they did go out!
Nellie, age 12 and a half, who never, ever, makes a mess. She once held it for 19 hours when my dad was in the hospital. She was 6 weeks pregnant with 11 puppies, including Jane and Johnny, at the time.
Jane and Johnny age 9 years and 1 day

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