Grandma’s China cabinet, Dad’s duck, Mom’s dishes, and playful puppies

Notice how calm Winston is while Clyde and See See are tumbling around.

My grandmother lived near Birch River, WV, and a man from the area built the cabinet from local cherry wood for her. My father killed the duck when he was a boy in Putnam County, WV. He never killed anything again. It was preserved by his taxidermist uncle. My mom collected vintage Fiestaware. Some of it was purchased by my aunt in the Boston area for my mom’s birthday and Christmas.

The puppies have no idea how careful they have to be. I trust the older dogs loose upstairs with the cabinet, but I watch the puppies carefully when they roughhouse nearby. As meaningful as the stuff is, if I had to pick between the stuff and the puppies, I would definitely pick the puppies.

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