A blast from the past, and future plans.

I’m getting a water neutralizer (my water is too acidic and it’s eating up my pipes) so I had to clean out a storage area in my house. I ran across these pics and decided to share.

My first dog, Silver, a Norwegian elkhound, with my dad in 1985.
Wally: Johnny and Jane’s sire, and Winston, Clyde, and See See’s grand sire. About 1996. I love his kind eyes.
Wally playing in a muddy field in Columbus, Ohio, about 1998.

Wally was my “heart” dog. The smartest thing I ever did was have his semen collected at Ohio State University when he was 5 years old. I lost half of it when a storage unit failed at the vet practice where I had Nellie implanted with it. But I still have enough for several breedings. It is now stored at Zoetis. I plan to use it again with See See.

See See is 25% Wally. Bred to Wally, her puppies will be 62.5% Wally. I can’t wait.

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