Dog class

When I tell my friends and family that I’m going to dog class they often ask me if I’m learning how to be a dog. Haha. What really happens is that the dogs are learning how to behave at a dog show. It’s not an obedience class, and I’m not learning how to train. It’s just a place where the dogs learn what a dog show is like and how to hold still for a judge who is going to run their hands over them. They learn how to relax and take it all in and not be so nervous in a new place around a bunch of other dogs. Dog class mimics what a real dog show is like, just on a smaller scale. Here is a video of me with See See at dog class this evening in Goochland County. The camera angle isn’t great, which couldn’t be helped. Also, the room is very small and the floor has no mats to get good footing. But you can see that she is relaxed and holding still for the class instructor who is pretending to be a judge. You can tell a little bit about her movement and see that she has a nice gate and structure. You can also see that she’s young and still has a ways to go to develop fully.

Me and See See at dog class

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