8 years ago….

I had a litter of puppies out of Nellie in October, 2013. Johnny and Jane’s sister went to a family in Canton, Ohio eight years ago today. They named her Maggie. Here are pics of Maggie when she was first adopted and now. They already had a male Shepherd and he is over 10 years old in these pictures. I’m told that Maggie likes to retrieve apples and then eat them! She runs a lot and stays in shape. She loves the snow. She looks so much like Jane I can hardly tell them apart! I’m always glad to hear from people who have gotten my puppies. Dawn and her husband take wonderful care of her and their other dogs! Thank you for the great pics, Dawn!

Maggie at 8 weeks old
Maggie is in front. 8 years old. The male is over 10 years old. He is from a German bloodline.
Relaxing with the other household dogs
This is really Maggie, but she looks just like Jane.
Maggie in front if the fire after a run in the snow.

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