Happy Birthday to Jane and Johnny!

Eight years old today! Jane is dam to Winston, Clyde, See See and 20 others from three litters who are in loving homes. I am grateful to her for giving me such wonderful puppies and being a great mom. Johnny is my protector and most loyal dog. He alerts me to everything I need to know.

Jane on her eighth birthday
Johnny on his eighth birthday
Birthday presents!
Not all dogs can chew on bones together! Jane and Johnny have always gotten along well.

I get these bones at Tractor Supply. I always watch them when they first get the bones. They chew off pieces of the end, which I have to pick up and throw away. Also, I don’t let them chew indefinitely, because they end up swallowing too much of the gristle, and then they don’t want to eat dinner. (By the way, the bones are greasy, so give them to them on a floor you can wipe off or outside.)

I can’t believe Johnny and Jane are eight years old. It seems like just yesterday that they were born. On 10/30/2013 Nellie had a litter of 10. Sadie is the only one who has passed away. She had a rare form of skin cancer. Katherine and Harriet live together in Arkansas, Blanche and Rembrandt live in WV, Margaret and Ginny live in Ohio, and Alice is in Arizona. If you are wondering about the old-timey names, they are named after my dad (John), his brother, and their eight girl cousins who lived down the road, who were like sisters. Some of their owners changed their names, but the names i give my puppies all have some kind of meaning to me, and thats who they are in my heart.

One thought on “Happy Birthday to Jane and Johnny!

  1. Happy Birthday Jane and Johnny!! You are a beautiful girl and boy!! You are so fortunate to have one another and such a great mom in Sarah.This is what real love looks like!!


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