My sister came to visit!

My sister, Laura, came all the way from Portland, Oregon to visit me. She has a cute little dog named Trixie who gets her picture taken A LOT!

This is Trixie in Oregon. She didn’t make the trip.


During Laura’s visit, we went to the VMFA, the Richmond Zoo, and today we went with the dogs to James River Beach and then the Ferry. Laura took the pics of me with the puppies. Thank you Laura!

You can’t take dogs to the zoo, which is good I guess.
The puppies were a little nervous to go in the water at the James. They needed some coaxing.
They settled down and seemed to like it because the water was nice and cool. it was about 80 degrees in Jamestown today.
The puppies did great on the ferry.
This nice lady petted them.
They let their two kids pet them too, which is great socialization for the puppies.
Back at home on the pink chaise lounge, the puppies showed Laura how much they loved her.
Of course, Winston supervised.
Laura took this one of me with Clyde.
I tried to talk them into posing just right.
Laura finally caught us all in just the right pose.

I will miss her as we all get back to our routines.

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