New milestones

German Shepherd puppies reach certain milestones as they mature, and it is exciting to watch. In some of these photos, you can see the pups “piling up”, but they are starting to have a little independence, seek out people, and play with toys. They certainly continue to enjoy being held and loved during their now mostly outdoor socialization sessions with neighbors, friends, and potential buyers. In these pics, the puppies are between 4 and 5 weeks old.
And that last pic? My neighbor, Kendall, took it! It is a really good pic, and I’m mad that she and her sister shoot better than I do! No, really, not mad! I am truly grateful for all my great neighbors who help me so much. That’s Gail, another neighbor, in the green shirt in the first two pics. She is amazing and helps me with the puppies, and even the adult dogs. Winston adores her.

3 thoughts on “New milestones

  1. Love your pics and milestones! Your adult dogs are sooooo gentle. I’ll bet these pups turn out the same way.


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