Names and up to date Pics!

Lots of breeders don’t name their puppies. They just refer to them by color of the collar worn specifically for the purpose of identification. But I gotta be me. I name them for something near and dear to my heart. So I chose a horse theme for this litter! Introducing, in no particular order, except boys first, Pony, Mustang, Quarter (Quarterhorse), Maverick, Clyde (Clydesdale), Loosy (Appaloosa), Filly, Cherry (Percheron), See See (Tennessee Walker), Connie (Connemara), and Dressy (Dressage). I won’t swear to it, but I think Mustang and Loosy are long coats. Maybe Connie and Cherry are too. A bit too early to tell for sure.
Omg I love them all.
These pics were taken 3/9/2021, with fantastic shooting by my fantastic neighbor! Puppies are 4 and a half weeks old.
If you are interested in buying a puppy, please contact me at link below or email me directly at

2 thoughts on “Names and up to date Pics!

  1. We are so happy to welcome “Dressy” (yellow ribbon) to our family! She is a very sweet, smart and playful puppy that has only been one day with us but has already won our hearts!! She has adjusted quickly to her new home, large backyard to play and enjoying all the love and attention here!! She is very happy and so are we!!


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