Cause for Celebration

Sir Winston Churchill Out of Sight is a new champion! Winston won Winners Dog at the Virginia Beach Kennel Club dog show today in Doswell, VA under AKC Judge John Schoeneman! It was major points today in dogs (the word ”dog” means male dog here), which was what he needed to finish his championship! (He got Winners Dog yesterday too, but because it was not a major, he did not finish then.) Many thanks to all my friends at the show who manage to be supportive and competitive at the same time. And special thanks to Sharon who came with me to help, hold dogs, and just be a friend! Sometimes I get a little crazy at shows. Me? YES.

Winston was my husband’s pick from Jane’s first litter in February 2019. Chuck named him Winston Churchill because when he was little, he had a big round head. Chuck was with me and Winston when he got his first major as a puppy from the 6-9m class.

Chuck died suddenly in July of 2020, and somehow I know he was watching Winston today. Yes, Chuck, you picked a Champion!

This evening, I sat on the floor with Winston and told him what a good boy he was today
I told Clyde he was good too. He won his class today!
And See See. She won her class today too!

At the dog show

First of all, we did not win. Winston got reserve, and See See won her class, but we did not win points toward championship. When I’m in the ring with one dog, someone has to hold the other dog, or it’s waiting in a crate. So after I’m done showing, the dogs are very glad to be back with me and each other. This first picture captures the moment that Winston and See See were both back with me.

Then they get a little talking to
Calming down
And settling
This is See See from yesterday. She loves hugs.

Two more chances to win this weekend!

Dirty puppies and Ukraine

The dirt on Clyde makes his coat look dull. (Not a big problem, if you read on.)

What in the world do dirty puppies have to do with Ukraine? PLEASE read to end to find out! About six weeks ago I decided to have my shower enlarged because it is too small to give a dog a good bath in it. So I called Aleks, who manages Oz Granite in the South End of Richmond. He came by to give me an estimate. Turns out his family is in Ukraine. So he’s gathering donations along with other people from Ukraine in the Richmond area. He sent me this flyer so that people can make donations more easily. The supplies will be taken to Poland where they will be used to help people coming from the front lines of the war. THIS IS LEGIT. THEY ARE NOT ASKING FOR MONEY. THEY NEED SPECIFIC SUPPLIES!


Clyde went to Brown’s Island in downtown Richmond!

Clyde did great on his walk across the bridge. There is some movement in the surface of the bridge when walking across it. Some dogs panic. Clyde walked a little funny but he did fine. He very cleverly sought the sections of the bridge that were braced the best. I don’t recommend walking across the bridge with smaller dogs. There are spaces between the slats of the metal, and smaller dogs could get their toenails stuck in it. Also the roar of the rapids is disconcerting. Some dogs really don’t like that loud sound, plus the wind makes a sound. Lots of people, dogs, bicycles, strollers, etc. It was a good test of Clyde’s temperament. I’d say he passed with flying colors! I am especially proud because he has grown up in the country, and I have still managed to get him well socialized to unusual urban environments.

Clyde on the T. Tyler Potterfield Bridge
Clyde crossing the James River

It was hard getting good pics. So many people around and other dogs. Also, I had to carry Clyde’s poop in a bag all the way back across the bridge because he very politely waited to get across before he pooped. Not all dogs could wait, I noticed!

Diagnosis: nothing!

I love it when I go to the vet and nothing is wrong. I thought See See was having a split heat or an infection, but she had neither according to the vet. A vaginal culture was obtained and it was all normal. The discharge that she had was considered normal in accordance with when she had her heat cycle. Apparently her brothers are immature and don’t know anything about what a true heat cycle is. Many young dogs will react to anything unusual and think it’s time for sex!

The vet really loved See See’s temperament. See See was very loving to the vet and her assistant before and after the vaginal culture. When she came back in the room with the diagnosis after looking at the microscope See See ran up to her and wanted to be petted.

See See waiting in the lobby, listening to the receptionist
See See sitting beside me on the bench in the exam room
Waiting for the vet to return with news

Another visitor, and what is going on with See See?

Winston and Clyde interacting with my friend Claudia. Claudia is a true warrior.
See See and Claudia

I had to separate See See from her brothers again. The boys say she is in heat again. They won’t leave her alone! She is either having a “split heat” or a mild vaginitis. She sees the vet tomorrow.

Claudia took this close-up pic of See See

Winston at dog class

Winston needed to brush up on his dog show skills because it’s been awhile since he has been shown. He needs one set of major points to finish. Special thank you again to Michael for taking pics and video.

Winston is holding his “stack” while the “judge” touches his nose.
Doesn’t he have a cool white spot on his chest?

In this video, Winston doesn’t have room to show off his nice gait. What is notable is how he is at ease with the nearby dogs of various sizes, and with the “judge” who he approaches on the return.