You might be wondering….

What gives my dogs such healthy looking coats? That spark of energy? That shine in their eyes?

Clydesdale Out of Sight age 2
Ch. John G. Morgan Out Of Sight BN age 9.5

The first thing is love. All dogs have to know that they are loved and wanted. Beyond that, what else can a person do to help their dogs look and feel their best? I use Fido-Vite.

Fido-Vite is a supplement in powder form that goes with a meal. It contains vitamins, minerals, and enzymes so dogs get the most nutrition they can from their food. Here is a link to the Fido-Vite web page. (Use my coupon code SIGHT to get a 10% discount!)

This is the product I give to all 6 of my GSDs.

Fido-Vite is the only product I’ve chosen to promote on my website. I used it for a while, switched to something else, but came back to Fido-Vite. I can definitely tell the difference in their coats, skin, and stool quality. They look shinier, heal faster when they get any blemishes, and poop less. To get that extra edge in showing, coat quality is important. Coat is the first thing the judge sees, and then touches. My older dogs, who are no longer showing, also benefit from the enzymes and probiotics, which improve digestion.

Again, here is the website for Doctors Choice Supplements, where Fido-Vite is sold: Using my coupon code SIGHT will give you a 10% discount (and yes, I do get a small kickback if you use my code).

There are many similar products, and after trying many, I really think this one is best overall for my dogs ranging in age from 2 to 13. It is not the cheapest, but it is the best value for what I am looking for: gorgeous coats and better nutrition. A gorgeous coat on an unhealthy dog is impossible!

Eventides Whoa Nellie, age 13

Doctors Choice Supplements has products for cats and horses too, but I haven’t tried those. The 10% discount from using coupon code SIGHT will work on all their products.

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